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Below are notes and letters of appreciation received by Sunnyside Foundation:

I had many opportunities to challenge myself and grow in my understanding of how I reflect the one and only divinity. I took those two weeks to really grow spiritually. I want to thank you for helping by giving me such a wonderful chance to go to such a great camp.
~ a camper

The metaphysical growth our daughters experienced at camp last summer really made a difference when it came to their academic, athletic, social, emotional and spiritual growth this school year. The formation of character that is nurtured at camp really supports the spiritual progress each of us is making as a student of Christian Science. The best part is that it’s in beautiful surroundings where the camper is challenged to step out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone. We so appreciate your loving support. Thank you for your investment in laying foundations for the world’s best construction project – the building of spiritual values in young Christian Scientists.
~ a parent

How do I even begin to describe the blessings that camp brought me? I was really looking for a good sense of purpose and of right companionship. I found this at camp each and every day. The joy of knowing that God has put you in your exact right spot is amazing… The best feeling is when a friend says they’ll pray for you…
I did so many things that were outside my comfort zone this summer… The best part was that I had fabulous people beside me experiencing it with me and cheering me on. You learn how to support people, and to be a better leader and friend. By the end of my four weeks, I had learned that not only was camp all about achievement, but it was achievement together. There is a wonderful closeness to camp, and we really are a big family, and you can feel that, whether it’s your sixth year or your first. I’ve made so many memories that I’ll always cherish and draw from. Tolerance was an area of major growth for me. I learned that we really need to reach out and accept people where they are. This is something that I’ll be able to take with me to high school and to try to improve on. Humility also plays a big role in this. Those were two of our weekly themes… I loved how camp was looking at the big picture, and helping each one of us to develop every part of our character and strive to grow and become better all the time.

I learned to live in the moment and to just live, laugh and love; to be still and listen to God, and to run, jump, and express God in everything I do. Relying on God for your strength and energy all the time was really freeing. That was important to me, and something I have been working on for awhile.

Camp was such a wonderful, amazing time of growth for me, and I am SO incredibly grateful that you made it possible for me to go. I know I’ll draw from what I’ve learned at camp all year long, and for a long time to come. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!’
~ a camper

Thank you so much for helping me go to camp.. I was in a cabin with some of the best girls in the world. My counselor gave me a lot of ideas.. The activities at camp are so much fun. The third week of camp I got to go on a trip.. On the first morning we saw a bear cub!!!!!!! Camp taught me to be joyful, gracious, loving, caring, a leader, and a better friend. I feel I grew a lot in CS and in regular knowledge. I loved the atmosphere at camp and how loving and accepting everyone is.. so many amazing people that have touched my heart. I had the best summer ever at camp. And will never ever forget it. Thank you so very much for sending me to camp.
~ a camper

I would like to express my appreciation.. My young friend gave a wonderful testimony last Wednesday expressing her gratitude for her camp experience. She also asked to have the my Bible Lesson so she can read the Lesson during the week. She also wants to learn the Daily Prayer.. This was a wonderful investment of your money. Thank you so much.
~ a Sunday School teacher

The Foundation’s gift for two weeks at camp for my daughter this summer definitely ‘keeps on giving,’ and actually grows more significant in her life with each passing day. We speak about camp almost every day, and I know she carries it with her and thinks about friends she made and the experiences she had whether we talk about it or not. Her time there definitely changed her, in all positive ways, and expanded her view of the world. So, saying ‘thank you’ feels like a small gesture for giving our ten year old such a seminal experience.

The physical challenges she had.. were fantastic. Most gratifying to us were the spiritual challenges.. that she met and mastered with the loving care of her counselors and cabin mates. We feel that she really understands now that she’s a Christian Scientist, and knows what that means. In fact, just yesterday when she and a friend were with me in the car, I overheard my daughter telling this friend that ‘sickness is not real,’ and I was proud of my daughter for being confident in her understanding in order to declare this truth..
~ a parent

Thank you so much for sponsoring my brother and me. Camp was the most fun we have ever had. It was so much fun. I went whitewater rafting, went caving in the 3rd darkest cave in the world, peaked a 14,000 foot mountain, ran a 6-mile race, mountain biked down a mountain, repelled off a 70-foot cliff, glissaded down a snow slope, camped for 3 days, and made a lot of new Christian Science friends who think like I do. I am so grateful that you helped me get to camp this year. I couldn’t have done it without you.
~ a camper

Thank you for your very generous gift that allowed my grandson to attend camp. There was so much love and prayer poured forth on this dear one and he was richly blessed.

The week provided him with many opportunities to witness first-hand evidence of God’s love in action time and time again… The prayerful support and prayerful atmosphere were phenomenal.

I was there to witness the joy he expressed when he found that he would be receiving his own subscription to the Christian Science Sentinel. He was absolutely overjoyed. The subscription to the Monitor.. I love it for it is allowing me to turn my prayers outward… It provides direction and focus for our much-needed prayers for the world. Thank you for these family subscriptions – truly a gift of gifts – for these periodicals.. are feeding the famished affections.
~ grandparent of camper

Thank you so much for all of your help. We are all really appreciative. I loved having this wonderful opportunity to be able to have fun and really learn much more about myself and God. I feel more spiritual coming back from camp. By having the chance to go to camp, everything I do back home is much easier when thinking about it in a spiritual way. My comfort zone has expanded greatly during camp. We’re really grateful for everything you’ve given us, and Sunnyside has given us a lot. Thank you so much,
~ a camper

Thank you for helping me get to camp. I do not really get a chance besides Sunday School and church to be with other C.S. people. At camp I really started to grow spiritually and learn how to cope with problems. My camp experience helped me learn who I really am. That has really helped when I changed schools and had to make all new friends.
~ a camper

As a start, the idea of my children expecting two weeks of fabulous time at a CS camp was so far from any plan I had this summer. It was an experience of God’s goodness and love from the start! A perfect camp with the right activities and the wonderful loving staff there. The deep spiritual growth that my kids experienced by being surrounded by Christian Scientists from all over the world, for whom turning to God is such a natural way of life like the turning of the sunflower to the sun. For all this and for much more I want to show my gratitude to Sunnyside, to the camp, and to everybody involved in making those wonderful experiences available to somebody like me and my family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ a parent

Where do I even begin to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to attend college? It is one I would not be able to have if it were not for your support. I’m so grateful for the spiritual growth I have experienced this year at school, but most of all I am so grateful for the love and support of the Sunnyside Foundation. You have played a huge part in helping me achieve what I did this year. I will always be so grateful.
~ a student

Last school year was a very important year for me, and a year that I am sure will play a crucial part in the rest of my life and it wouldn’t have been the same if I had not been allowed to attend the school of my choice.. The biggest breakthrough in my mind is that my health was completely intact the whole year through. I met new and wonderful people and made new friends in the larger Christian Science community. In March, my new Sunday school presented me with the opportunity to attend the New York City Summit. It was AWESOME! I am looking forward to being on the swim team again and participating in community service projects.. I am so grateful that Sunnyside has helped me to attend school and grow as a Christian Scientist. I owe a lot to the Foundation, and every day I try to express my gratitude by appreciating Christian Science and exploring ways to understand and express God more.
~ a student

Thank you for the financial support for school. I had doubts about getting a grant, but I have really prayed about going to college and doing what feels right and your grant makes the decision abundantly right.
~ a student

Thank you for your support in helping send my son to school. I have witnessed his growing spirituality and grace as he is not only growing academically and socially but also praying for himself and having healings.
~ a parent

Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am for your financial support. When I told my parents I wanted to go to college they told me, ‘It will have to be your demonstration.’ The whole idea has fallen into place.
~ a student

I can’t thank you enough for helping me attend school.. I can honestly say that I’ve grown more this year mentally and spiritually then I have in a long time… [my school experience] enabled me to overcome a complex that I’ve been struggling with for years.. speaking in front of people (even if it’s just in a class) that I’ve had my whole life. I can’t wait for the coming year.. I also want to thank-you for the my Bible Lesson subscription – it is just perfect for our tablet computers. Whenever I need to explore the Lesson or work on a challenge it is so easy for me to just pull up the weekly Lesson online and there is always some idea that helps me understand my situation from a spiritual point of view. I am very grateful for your help. It has really changed my life.
~ a student

We are very grateful for your financial assistance. You gave us “light” in a very “dark” tunnel.
~ a mother

I’d like to express gratitude for the assistance you have given me. I am helping others, writing articles for my church newsletter, and enjoying the weekly Bible study class. I’m so appreciative of the great opportunity you are giving me.
~ a senior citizen

Thank you! I sit here overwhelmed with gratitude for your support, both metaphysically and financially. There are not enough words to describe the gratitude I feel. What better day than Wednesday to receive this news as I get ready for church tonight. I have cared for my parents at different levels over the last fifteen years. When it reached the point where I could not care for Mom alone at home, I was so grateful for the love and care the CS nursing facility has given her this past year. To mortal sense we still struggle, but spiritually the growth has been great. I believe for Mom as well as myself. As one who likes to know what’s coming next, I have gained the humility and patience to put my hand in God’s and trust His infinite care and provision day by day for both Mom and myself. I know that as I listen for His guidance only good will unfold. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
~ a daughter

Thank you with the finest regards for assisting me at a time of great need. Everything worked out beautifully, an example of God’s complete plan. Love has no limitations. There is no adding to or taking from. The repairs from the storm are finished.
~ a senior citizen

We write with great love and gratitude and appreciation for the grant for our son’s CS nursing care.. We are ever grateful. This will help him on his journey. He is making so much progress. We are so grateful for Sunnyside Foundation, for the generosity it has given with such kindness to us. God is so good to his precious children. Meeting all our needs.
~ a mother and father