Sunnyside Foundation, Inc.
8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 815
Dallas, TX 75225
phone: (214) 692-5686
toll-free: (888) 293-6918
fax: (214) 692-1968


The Sunnyside Foundation was established in 1928. Since then, Christian Scientists in the state of Texas have been greatly blessed by the generosity of Issac and Katherine Jalonick, and her half sister, Mary Victoria Keating, whose estates provided the initial funds for the Sunnyside Foundation.

The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 left many young children without family. Mr. and Mrs. Jalonick were moved to do something to help. Funds were set up to provide for the physical, moral, educational, and spiritual needs of orphaned and underprivileged Christian Science children in Texas. Later the Foundation expanded its support to include Christian Scientists of any age who find themselves in need.